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Therapeutically and recovery indication:

• chronic degenerative and inflammatory rheumatic disorders;

• post traumatic disorders, bone trauma (fractures, twists, sprains, metallic osteo-synthesis);

• central and peripheral neurological disorders;

• peripheral blood circulation disorders;

• rhinitis, bronchitis and asthma;

• psoriasis, chronic dermatitis;

• chronic ovary colds, secondary infertility;

• gout, diabetes, obesity;

• urinary lithiasis and urinary infections;

• biliary dyskinesia, chronic hypo acid gastritis, chronic colonopathy;


You can benefit from the following procedures:

hydro thermotherapy:
- mud wrapping;
- warm baths: sea water, sulphuretted hydrogen sulphid water, plants, plants and bubbles;
- hot-cold showers; underwater showers;

hydro kinetic therapy: - in pools with sulphuretted hydrogen sulphid water or sea water;

massage: hand massage with mud, french chalk or therapeutic creams;

electrotherapy: diapulse – high frequency pulsating current, applicable on limbs with metallic prosthesis, resulting in rapid healing effects; low and medium frequency currents; magnetic fields therapy;

phototherapy: laser, U-V and IR therapy;

pneumotherapy : individual aerosols with sea water, mild sulphuretted hydrogen sulphid water, medical substances ;

gynecological treatments : sulphuretted hydrogen sulphid water irrigations, vagina mud tampons;

complementary treatments: acupuncture, Gerovital complete facial treatment;


Required documents for insured patients:

• Receipt from the family doctor

• Insurance documents: pension coupon or employee certificate and the payment order for the health insurance

•Identity Card






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